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Europe’s Best Destinations For Girls’ Trips

Have An Unforgettable Brunch In Bruges, Belgium

Another must-have activity for any girls’ trip? Brunch. While there’s plenty of time for breakfasts and lunches too, brunch is the ideal opportunity to gorge on some divine food while wearing some comfy casuals. You can have brunch anywhere in the world, but brunch in Bruges is said to be something else.

The medieval Belgian city serves as an idyllic setting for Brunch with a view, thanks to its picturesque canals and cobblestoned lanes. There are infinite hole-in-the-wall brunch spots to explore, as well as a selection of patisseries and higher-end establishments.

You can’t visit Belgium and not go on a chocolate tour, either guided or self-guided. Wrap up your mid-morning meal with a trip to any one of the nearby chocolate shops and indulge your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to purchase a few chocolates to take home with you—you never know when those cravings are going to hit!

Feel Like A Disney Princess In Lake Bled, Slovenia

No matter how old we get, the desire to live like a Disney Princess never quite lessens. Traveling to Slovenia’s Lake Bled won’t transform you into royalty, but it does boast vistas that will make you feel like you’ve landed in a fairy tale.

Many visitors to Lake Bled are satisfied to walk around and admire the stunning scenery. But the city also has plenty else to do. This is your one-stop destination for water sports, cycling, and hiking in the fresh air. Seasoned travel gurus recommend rowing out to Bled Island and admiring the iconic castle.

Slovenia tends to fly under the radar but with its few crowds and spectacular scenery, the country is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest hidden gems. The nation also happens to be one of the 10 safest countries in the world for 2020!

Soak Up The Sun On The Amalfi Coast, Italy

No girls’ trip is complete without a little time in the sun. The Amalfi Coast gets busy in peak season but the region is too beautiful to avoid. The crowds will melt away into irrelevance when you get your first hint of the magnificent views over the coast and the colorful buildings straddling it.

Visiting the gorgeous towns on the coast, like Sorrento and Positano, will make you feel a little like you’re starring on Love Island. When you’re finished soaking up the sun and swimming in the pools, there are endless other activities that will make your girls’ trip the best one ever.

The remains of Pompeii and the historic Mount Vesuvius are right within your reach when you base yourself on the Amalfi Coast. You’ll also have some of the world’s best Mediterranean food at your fingertips. If you’re looking to treat yourself, the Amalfi Coast is the ideal destination for a girls’ trip.

Flirt With A Few Gerry Kennedys In Dublin, Ireland

If you’ve ever seen P.S. I Love You, then we won’t need to explain to you why Ireland is one of Europe’s best girls’ trip destinations. The green scenery that will surround you in the countryside is one of the world’s most beautiful sights and the capital city of Dublin itself is full of friendly locals and picturesque streets.

There’s no guarantee that you’re actually going to meet someone like Gerry Kennedy in Dublin. But considering the city has around 751 pubs, you have a good chance of meeting some interesting characters at least. Come to Dublin for a girls’ trip if you want to kick back with a Guinness at the pub and laugh the night away.

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